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Managing Information in today's volatile markets calls for Ingenuity.
More than ever before, it is vital for forward-looking companies to manage their information. This means working with an organisation that applies total professionalism to offer Information Technology solutions to its clients. Graham Information Systems is such an organisation. 
GRAHAM is a leading Information Techology company with more than 2 decades of experience in the Computer Industry with the objective of providing Total Solutions to the IT users in the corporate as well as home segment.  Graham has been offering a breadth of expertise in Stand alone systems, Networking, Multimedia and Communication and tailor made solutions for clients have become key specialities.
GRAHAM is fully geared to meet the challenges of its clients requirements and is continuously reengineering to participate in and integrate the fast emerging technologies to be able to provide leading edge solutions to its clients.
Graham's business in divided into various divisions which cater to a diverse set of customers, who range from an end-user to a reseller and a diverse set of Vendors and solution providers.
Graham has excellent relations with most IT vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, AMD, Samsung, LG, AOC, Epson, Belkin, Canon, NComputing, Dell, HP, Acer, Seagate, Lenovo, Digisol, Wacom to name a few and almost all security solution vendors.

Hardware Solutions

Graham offers a range of hi-performance products at different price points to suit individual requirements. All products are backed with warranties & an efficient after sales service support
Graham Infotech's portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology needs of its customers. By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it addresses, Graham's product offerings include everything from high-end enterprise level servers for mission-critical applications right down to multimedia home computers.
Graham markets computer systems, peripherals, networking products, multimedia products and data communication products. Graham also provides services for comprehensive maintenance of computer systems, networks and specialised data communication solutions.
Some of the maintenance activities also include additonal services like FMS, Data backup services, Anti-virus solutions, etc.

Hardware Distribution

Graham is a sub distributor for leading brands and reaches the products to diverse verticals like IT, Telecom, Auto, Retail and Online Sales. Products are being sold to dealers, resellers and end users. New products are regularly posted on our website.
Currently, we distibute products from vendors such as Zeeus, Belkin, Wacom, Avantree, Ncomputing, etc.

Training Solutions

Life will no longer be divided in neat phases of education, work and retirement. Once an individual had acquired basic literacy, education will be a life long activity. Training & retraining will be essence of skill creation.
Graham imparts professional training in office applications, graphics and Internet. Graham also conducts in-house training programs for corporate bodies and professionals.

The solid experience in handling different training requirements, the industry interface and the relentless pursuit of excellence over 2 decades gives an edge to our students.

Web Solutions

Graham provides Domain name registration services, Hosting solutions, Design and development of websites.
Graham's Domain Name Registration Services ensure smooth & timely registration to the top level domains. ".com" ," .net" , ".org" , “.in” domains can be registered for a period of 1 year to 10 years.

Client list

Over the years, Graham has chalked up an impressive list of clients, which include leading companies from the public sector and the private sector. Any fast-track company must now include Graham in their search for Information Technology solutions.

Graham is fully geared to meet the challenges of its client’s requirements and is continuously reengineering to participate in and integrate the fast emerging technologies to be able to provide leading edge solutions to its clients.
This diverse list of clients represents our past and currently active clients who have sought products and or services from our different divisions












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